Ex Futura

Ex Futura: Online Sci-Fi RPG under development.

Ex Futura Preliminary Roadmap – Can and will change during development stages.


  • RPG Elements.
    • Story and setting.
    • Character skills and abilities.
    • Missions/Quests.
    • Experience and levels.
    • Combative playstyle options.
      • Option to use combat as main source of leveling and income.
    • Non-Combat playstyle options.
      • Option to use crafting, resource gathering, etc for leveling and income.
  • ReClone Services
    • ReClone Insurance Terminal
      • Service to insure player inventory in case of death.
    • ReClone Cloning Terminal
      • Ability to be revived into a new clone
  • Crafting
  • Ability to craft common items.
    • Ammunitions.
    • Gear.
    • Weapon accessories.
    • Tactical Tools.
    • Resource gathering Tools.
  • Ability to reprocess items/gear into resources or credits.
  • PVP
    • PVP Loot system
    • Crime and Lawful Systems.
      • Criminal alligned players can learn specific skills only available with crime stats.
      • Lawful alligned players can learn specific skills only available with lawful stats.
  • PVE
    • AI enemies.
    • Loot system.
  • Game world
    • Space stations with various environments.
      • Biomes within stations.
      • Outpost.


  • PVP Full Loot System.
  • Spacecrafts
    • Buy, sell and salvage spacecrafts.
    • Fly and operate spacecrafts.
    • Ability to lock doors/hangars to restrict access for other players.
    • Physics based flying.
    • Space combat.
    • HOTAS support.
  • Dedicated server(s).
  • Steam Online Subsystem.