Ex Futura

What is Ex Futura?

  • Sci-Fi Third Person shooter RPG game built with Unreal Engine 5

  • RPG Elemets
    • Character levels up by earning experience points
    • Weapons and equipment can be upgraded and modified
    • Character skills
    • + +

  • Game Modes
    • Single Player (Offline)
    • Host public or friends only co-op game where 4-8 players can join up at any time and place in-game (Co-op player slots may changed in the future)
  • Missions
    • Get missions from terminals and NPCs at the Hub
    • Deploy to mission location by using ship transport
    • Mission location will vary from planet surfaces, spaceships, space stations and more
  • Gear
    • Primary Weapon – Assault Rifle
    • Secondary Weapon – Pistol
    • Gadgets – Not decided yet
    • Armor – Not decided yet

This “list” will be updated with more content when I have everything planned out.

Check out Development tracker to see current progress.